Sunday, June 07, 2009


The sun plans to blaze the day blue and toasty here today so that means I have to take advantage of time on deck studio. I went out to tidy up and my largest rinse tub was full of murky water so I dumped it over the side and look what fell out! These three pieces were put in for a last rinse and overlooked when I took things up to the washing machine. Now they've been painted with textile paints and once dry will be heat set and stacked away with the others waiting for their turn. Above is a piece of vintage damask. To the left, another one. And this is a large piece of that vintage feed sack cloth. This fabric is sturdy and has a course texture. Think heavy gauze or cheesecloth on steroids. The spots are metallic Jacquard textile paint in several levels of gold.


Leslie said...

Happy find.

I would love to see what they end up as.

jude said...

don't you love the overlooked?