Monday, July 19, 2010

after a pleasant interlude

It's back to the fiber mine!  I found a drawer full of manila envelopes each crammed with a selection of scraps - sets that I made up some time ago and forgot about! Now to get them all photographed and posted. Here's one and here are the rest.

The chunk of silk skirt waistband was a find from a thrift store in Chappaqua from my last spring trip to NY over a year ago. It was vintage 60's by the style and the cloth it self was like a bowl of cream until I got my  hands on it. A wonderful garment but maybe a size 4!
It should be extra interesting if you pick out all the stitching and deconstruct it. Surprise shibori maybe?


Colette said...

Forgive me for my comment if it is not appropriate. I'm new to this blogging. Trying to figure out why do this?
So here goes: These sampling you are promoting/showing/selling are very inspiring indeed. You must take a lot of time finding names for these. Truly. I'm an artist and always hate finding titles for my work. YOu not only put the items together but also find a title!!! there only remains the work...hummm.... Are there really fibre artists that call themselves artists that have need for this? FOr myself the whole process is to put these fabrics together, find them and organize them and make something with sense .... that is the fun.
and collecting tid bits to do this is part of the fun too.

Deb said...

Why? To make a little extra money.

I dye fabrics for myself and, because I enjoy doing it, I have much more that I'll ever use.

Also, almost all of fabrics I work with are "rescued"- either vintage or repurposed cloth. A unique combination.

I have quite a few customers who enjoy have fabrics in their stash that they might not have chosen for themselves. I've been told that it's often a spark to creativity that might have been missing.

Deb said...

As for the titles...they come to me without a moments fuss. I am a writer at heart.

I'll name your art, cats and babies for free.

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

I love your blog! the colours are fantastic and the designs are too. I find it very inpirational being in touch with what other artist are doing and it is important to make these links and connections.
Thank You!