Tuesday, July 06, 2010

cloth of purpose

All of the fabrics that I overdyed this weekend turned out to be heavier cottons. A broadcloth tablecloth cut into fourths, several yards of what feels like double weight muslin and some lightweight twill.
Maybe I was looking at the pile with my hands rather than my eyes when I selected pieces for another chance at better color. That worked out well.

It is all cloth of purpose and I left the pieces large because I intend them for several large pieces I've been dreaming about making. Works that will be built with techniques and materials intended for use but designed for display. Does that make sense?  I like to think that the flag bearers who carried medieval banners into battle got to sleep under them at night for warmth.


Dale Anne Potter said...

FABULOUS colours Deb!!!

arlee said...

I like the sound of that--substantial and sustaining----i know i used my medieval banner one summer night because summer or not, it was COLD

Diane said...

Im not sure if the flag bearers used their flags, but I have been known to be caught sleeping under my work *grin*

secret messages

"He watched as she stalked a wide, slow circle that took her all the way around the car. She was wearing something short and black....

Play it again Sam.