Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If you don't like feet skip this post.

I like my feet. Not everybody does.
Great whopping, hard to fit 10w's, my Dad told me I'd fall over if my feet weren't so big.

I spend most of the time going barefooted and, according to the podiatrist I saw yesterday, since I no longer swing from tree to tree, my feet are paying the price.

He said I have "flexible flat feet" and mentioned lemurs and seal flippers in the nicest way as he slipped HUGE needle into my right heel giving me an injection that is supposed to trick the muscles there into shutting up and doing their jobs without sending big time pain message to my brain. He said the bones in this kind of foot leave too much of the work to those muscles hence the pain.

The shot and a bandage/brace thingy, flexing exercises and ice foot baths are supposed cure this aggravation. Meanwhile my left hip, knee, leg and foot are pissed off having to work overtime.  He also said that my cowboy boots would be good for my feet! Going to dig them out of the closet and see if it's true.   For now I'm  taking my flippers to the pool.

And to the foot pervs who have Googled this post - Have a nice day but don't bother to leave a comment. They're just feet.

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Connie Rose said...

I'm fond of my feet, as well, they're one of my few best parts! Fortunately I don't have many problems with them. Take care of yours, Flipper!