Monday, July 19, 2010


I was looking for a picture of someone else and opened an album that I haven't looked at in many  years.  This is my personal pirate on one of our first official dates - we took his brother and my nephew to Mystic Seaport. Do I really remember letting two 5 year olds split a  Fosters Lager so we could be alone? Probably.

This is Jim and Colin down at my folks house. That truck turned a humiliating pink with a year of being brand new. The dealer was amused.


hudsondebb said...

Hey! I had that truck, too. We put a cap on the back and went cross-country camping in 1977.
I made a home-made bumper sticker that said "honk if you love Jackson Browne"

Deb said...

It waa good little truck but the pinkness was constantly problematic for Jim. He is a construction worker and took daily ribbing at jobsites over it.