Saturday, July 24, 2010

a working weekend

Ain't she grand? She makes me want to dress up and drink champagne.  Google's tribute to Alphonse Mucha this morning was inspiring.  I'm quite sure I've lived all those lives and remember all the luscious details.

I'm also inspired by Jude's Rock Star to pull Danube out of the store and put it into my go bag. It has a large piece of that vintage, smooth handed feed sacking all sugar dyed like a Mucha and I'm taking it back for my own greedy self.

I've been hand stitching on the same two large pieces for a long time and feel my design eye shutting down.

So tonight, it's scissors and pins and hopefully the miscreants and malefactors of the world will put off calling me at the office until Monday.

I actually like being at the whine mine on the weekends. The contacts are unique, few and far between and the atmosphere relaxed. All I need are candles and incense and I am the High Priestess of  Business to Business Reporting.

With the full moon coming on strong, I'm probably kidding myself but I like a good jest as well as the next fool in line.

Two things I need for my cube - a good Mucha poster and a map of the world. 

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