Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1001 posts

Yep. That's this one, the 1001st post. I wasn't paying attention and don't know why I noticed this morning.

What a LOT of yaddayadda! You would think I was running for office all this time when in reality I was just talking to myself (something I do a lot of) only cleaned up considerably here for public consumption.

In honor of the milestone (or is it millstone?)
I dipped into my private collection and put together four new sets for the store. My brain was dry of titles for things at the moment and I've been watching a lot of AMC & TCM so I copped some movie titles.

The associations may not be immediately apparent though....This one is "Sighs & Whispers"


  1. 1001 lovely, thought-provoking, chuckle-inducing, honest and straightforward posts. Good reading! Thank you for your unique thoughts and wonderful photos!

  2. a lotta posts. a lotta cloth.

  3. congrats Babe! i'd say 1000's of yards too--fabu

  4. I LOVE your sense of things and life...could you send some of this my way? You have the perfect attitude to get through life with a little balance and humor.

  5. Blogging is the next best thing to knowing you in person and I've always sensed we rate similiar on the snarkiness scale in getting through life. But you're more succint and quick-witted and I take the longer route :) I love the fabrics, your chair, and the pieces you sent to QN. Keep on bloggin' on!

  6. Go Deb! Here's to the next 1000! May they be equally eye catching, equally informative, and equally hilarious :)

    It's so much fun getting to know you and your fab work via your blog, and I so much admire your originallity!

    P.S. Love the "Sighs and Whispers", particularly the dyed and discharged muslin!


  7. Yes the yadayadda has achieved a lot. 1001...amazing.


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