Sunday, October 24, 2010

auditions (more)

As much as I want them to, these pieces just aren't getting along...not without scissors coming into play.

Just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, what compels, what insists....

For the eye's reference, these are all
  40 to 60 inches on whatever long side..throw your arms wide. THAT  big.

One is moving me to look again, come back and make it real. Why?
Questions I have to answer myself before I'll commit to moving ahead.

The troubling and overriding question right now is "why?"

Time to hide out with the Sunday NY Times I think.

Two more hours of this and I can see this could go on forever.  I'm going to arrange this images on a single page and start the elimination process. It's good to know that even after I choose, there will be lots of uncut cloth left to expand with. Also, know that there are other planned and significant element for the pieces based on sketches I've made. These are the grounds for the rest of what's going on.

Getting ahead of myself in in thinking about that these will be machine stitched but the how not yet clear or decided.

See..this could go on for ever


  1. this so so much fun to watch.

  2. I think I like the one second form last image best. And I don't know, but, for me, there's something rather Georges Braque about it.

  3. i really like the 2nd pic from the bottom..why, don't know! Just do! and I agree with 'Jude'..this is fun to watch!

  4. I love the idea of 'throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks'. I feel like a lot of my ideas come from doing just that.

  5. Did you add more or did I count wrong earlier? Better say I like best the 6th one from the top!

  6. love! big fan of cutting myself.

  7. I vote 6th from the top too... good contrast, I like the layering and the smaller shapes interact best in this composition. Doesn't mean you couldn't add some strips of other fabrics here and there as accents, but this one is a good start! Get to work...

  8. Anonymous5:31 PM

    oh didn't realize there was a choice option. i like 6, 9, and the very last. although they've all got something striking about them.

  9. I love the top one. This IS fun!

    ;~) Debi

  10. so many choices... so little time....

  11. I loved watching this play-by-play of your design process. So many outstanding, lush fabrics to drool over. I'm betting just throwing these together and studying each interplay was a pleasure for you.

  12. Thanks for commenting, Curvylou. Each time you leave a thought on one of these old posts, I get notified. Then I read the post and look at the pictures and my heart lifts a little remembering the life, the love that I had, that made this creative extravagance possible. It wasn't that I had more money or more time to do things, it was a fortress of love that he gave me.


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