Thursday, October 14, 2010

blues, we got the raggedy blues...

Not me! It's my birthday and I'm celebrating with a day off, time in the studio, new ideas, burgers with my crew and a new flick later. Thanks for the many kind thoughts and wishes!

The stash has
beaucoup blues and I'm trying to make some sense of them and start something new. Of course the first order of business is piecing a backside for "Ocean Homes" -what else would I use?

The beating back of Chaos (always a temporary state) has freed up the Janome and its been calling me over..."sit here,... that's it, fiddle about.get the feel of it again..".Then there's Little Feather chirping from under the table "Use ME, use ME!"

As an exercise, I made these batted and backed leaves and now can't think of a really practical way of joining them up to make a blanket of leaves without any other stitching showing.

And did I ever show you the Blue Snakes? I can't remember why I made them.
Rayon stuffed tight with poly. If anyone wants them and are willing to pay the postage, drop me a line.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Hey Deb,
    Happy happy birthday to you! Hope you have splendid day!

    Love the blues, they look so refreshing (standing in the sweltering humidity, in an open field, under a tropical sun!)

    Can't wait to see what you do with these fabrics and I love those leaves!

    Hugs on your special day!

  2. is this a duplicate comment?

    i say again "Happiests :)"

    Can you use the blue snakes as frames?

    Loves da blues period

  3. Happy blue birthday!

  4. Happy birthday.
    I love the leaves and I have just the same problem about stitching/not stitching motifs together.

  5. I am in a blue phase myself . I would be more then willing to pay shipping for the blue snakes...I have been wanting to make a tree to hang my alien pods on and these look perfect . Let me know how you would like to be paid for postage and we can work something out through PayPal or other , you can contact me through my eyesoftime blog if you want .

  6. Yes, Krex, maybe you could work wires up inside for an armature?
    I will take the to the PO and see what the man sez. My email link is in the sidebar. email me.

  7. Happy Birthday, Deb! The snakes are fabulous, if I had more room in my home/studio, I might put in a bid to get them. But I don't, so somebody else can adore them.

  8. Wow, I love the snakes, the leaves, you are so crazy.

    Happy birthday!

  9. doina3:03 AM

    Happy Birthday and a lot of blue inspiration :)

  10. Hey Deb, love your blog and the blues...the 'leaves' actually look like SMILES(or frowns) to's that you can smile even when you have the blues...c'mon hope that inspires you - can't you just hear the music in them. The snakes (which I'm a phobe about)...look like cartoon dreds to me...much happier! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COLORS

  11. Krex...if you still want the blue snakes the shipping will be 15.00. email me..


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