Friday, October 29, 2010

frantic friday

In an effort to avoid the ceaseless zombie and vampire nonsense on every TV channel we spent yesterday with back to back episodes of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

Only a few steps removed from nonsense, the show is hypnotic in it's effort to be sincere and scholarly.  From the looks of this Mayan alphabet, they watched too much TV too.

I've always found Mayan imagery very compelling. The balance and proportion of line to shape, the boundaries all appeal to me and some of the images of ancient wall constructions got me to thinking about how I want the machine stitching on this piece to look. 

But that's down the road some.

I've gone back to using the original instigator, that golden tongue. Still working it out.

Meanwhile, last night between customers, I got busy with what was  merely within my reach. My grandma really did use to say

"Idle hands are the devil's playground!" just before she set me to doing something like cleaning out the parakeet's cage. I can remember looking at my hands for the playground and thinking I was missing something.

Now I have to kick it into high gear and round up whatever I am taking to Elizabeth Barton's studio tomorrow.

There is cloth to drown in soda ash because we are having a Halloween Dyefest!


Jan said...

I am curious what you will be doing with this pin weaving set up?

Deb said...

just making a tiny (3x5") piece of cloth. That's heavy cotton string on the loom and silk yarn & gold metallic cord to go in and out.Can you tell I'm not a weaver?

ant said...

hmmmmm, looks like you are weaving to me - simplified for sure, but weaving nonetheless...and sometimes simple is the BEST way to go...spoken by one with an 8h and 4h looms sitting fallow...

Phyllis said...

So you will be dyeing this? Would love to see the results. I am curious...what kinds of dyes do you use for these wonderful colors that you get?

Deb said...

I don't think I'll dye it, don't know if the silk(?) will take the dye I use, Procion MX dyes.

arlee said...

Teletubbies do StarGate :)

Jackie said...

hey are very decorative aren't they? Same but different sort of stuff..I can see what you mean.

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