Monday, October 18, 2010

ocean homes progress

After spending all day building a back by machine cobbling strips of various blues into large spontaneous log cabinish blocks (there's enough for a whole 'nother  top!) I remembered this gigantic cutwork tablecloth that I dyed ages ago.

It was on a hanger in the closet, all pressed and ready for the dance. With a little fussing around holes that I had chopped into it, I fit it to the back of Ocean Homes Since there is no batting I'm now backfilling under the cutwork holes with a little fire.

Sunday afternoon I spent several pleasant hours at a friends house stitching outside in the October sun while we talked. It was a nice way to reconnect with the piece and the friendship- both were languishing.

The decorative edge of the tablecloth has a real water's edge feel where I lapped it over to the frontside and stitched it fast. If I had only thought about putting the glow behind the holes before I stitched the edges all the way around!


ant said...

that cutwork table cloth looks a tad familiar to me... hmmmmmmmm.beautiful dye job, and love what you are doing to it now...btw, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! knew your bd was in October but didn't know exact day, now i do... hope you received very special princess treatment on your special day!!!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

That fire red behind the cutwork looks amazing! The feel in that area is of the beach in Autumn.

;~) Debi

Kit Lang said...

So beautiful!

And happy belated... :)

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hey Deb, this is looking fabulous! The flowers become corals and sea anenomes, and the orange makes me think of bright colored fishes darting through the reef. What a great idea that was. Perfect!

arlee said...

that is a very live ocean, absolutely teeming with life! the orange reminds me of fish seen through the surface, if we watch closely and carefully

jude said...

for a moment i thought you wove that color in there.

Deb said...

I "rescued" this tablecloth from a junk joint masquerading as an antique store. If it hadn't been 140"x90" I wouldn't have coughed up the 12$. It took a year to iron!