Sunday, October 10, 2010


The studio upheaval continues with some surprising results when I turned the magic
table just 90 degrees instead of the planned 180.

Lo! FLOOR SPACE! (well,there will be when I box up and redistribute all the crap in the foreground)

I can turn around and scratch at the same time, something Sweetie appreciates too. Sunlight from two sources now, East in the morning and never ending North.

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Sandy said...

How 'bout you box up all your shit and I box up all my shit and we mail it off to each other- guaranteed UPS will lose it all and then we will both be ahead...and neater.

the elusive Tazmeena Green

Sweetie was not much help in the search for Tazmeena Green. It's a color to bask in, mostly. There were a few that were close, ...

Play it again Sam.