Saturday, October 02, 2010

the Scrap Giveaway - Update

I have three main groupings of fabric. The shelves you see behind sweetie are the MINE! fabrics - the things I design and work with. They are completely full right now.  waiting on me.

Then there is a double closet filled with wire racks holding color sorted (sort of) baskets with the SOMEDAY MAYBE fabrics and there are two huge plastic tubs and a tall bushel basket filled with I'M SICK OF THIS AND WON'T EVER USE IT AGAIN cloth. It was all loved and esteemed at one time.

I've been sitting in my stitching chair building little piles of cloth and rolling them like so many Cuban cigars. It seems like the best way to get the most cloth into the boxes. The fun continues....and for those who worry about such things, Sweetie only sleeps on the back of the stitching chair not in the cloth the way Jinx and Karma used to. Still, you may find a tiger hair. Consider it a good luck charm.

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