Saturday, January 01, 2011

good starts

I picked up the thread with this one last night and carried out my intention to make changes to using the Shiva oil sticks A. sent me some time ago.

I like the very slow, controlled results from using very little paint on a dry stiff brush, sneaking up on shapes and creating depth and definition. Must take care to go slowly and not screw this one up. One false move with this stuff and you are stuck with a mess.

You would laugh to see me back my car out of what can be sometimes tight parking in our driveway. Think about the Queen Mary pulling away from her berth.


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    i do associate your work with abstract paintings. so i see this a s a fine move.

  2. Really love this piece, Deb! Happy New Year to you.

  3. oooooooh, 'tis loverly for the graduation of colot...glad you are finally using this stuff...I knew you would like it...

  4. WOAH! This is amazing! Is the paint permanent? I love the rainbow effect around the circles.

    Happy New Year Deb!

  5. So far the only place painted is the deep blue around the lavender circles. It is permanent after a drying period.

    The rainbow effect down below..all hand dyed.

  6. This is a wonderful start for another year of art. Hey - that's a poem.

    Happy New Year, Deb.

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Love it! I finally gave up on all my Shiva sticks except the gold... hmmm.. this is so nice, I am rethinking.

  8. mean gold, as in Metallic? I'll have to look into the Shiny right away....

  9. Beautiful! Love the colors and lines!

  10. Wonderful cloth!!!!!

  11. this is very fine, looks like you have the shivas under good control!

  12. HMMMMM. I love it, you are going places grand and unique....I want to be watching you throughout the year. A happy one for you I am wishing. xo


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