Saturday, January 08, 2011

more studio archaelogy

More tiny treasures uncovered while I think about what and if, is next for me as far as the cloth goes. A little rummaging in the archives revealed that I have been making these little hand stitched pieces for a long time -  before anyone was taking any kind of notice or paying slow stitching any special attention. It was what you did when there was no sewing machine and had the time to do it.

I know I took up the practice because I was away from home for ten or more hours at a time, working at a job that was mostly "watch and wait" where nothing much ever happened.
 My grandma always said "Idle hands are the devil's playground". When I was little I always wondered where this damned playground was. On this job the saying was never more true -with a few bored keystrokes I could have disrupted telecommunications for everyone east of the Mississippi. Best I had something else to occupy me in the idle hours rather than any self-directed on the job training.

This is "Small Comfort" from early 2005. This was just one of a  whole long series of pieces I called "Rothko's Puppies"


  1. I always got the "Busy hands are happy hands" saying, and got to watch the G'mas and Great G'ma put it to practice! Knitting, crocheting, quilting... no wonder I gravitate toward fiber! Still can't sit for long without handiwork to keep me anchored! But where did we get the need for color? No one in my family ever dyed anything to my knowledge... how about you?

  2. Judy, I do not know. I do recall that when I was coloring with crayons that it was very important that EVERY SINGLE COLOR in the box got a chance to play together EVERY TIME.


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