Sunday, January 09, 2011

on the wall

I finally painted out that ghastly yellow I put around "Lavenderia" .Now I can come in here without getting aggravated.  It's been too cold to spend much time in the studio so I painted at the kitchen table this morning, toasty with stew cooking and the oven going.

Now I'm going to brave the cold outside and get out a bit before the snowstorm they are predicting for the area.


  1. Hi Deb,
    Oooo...everything looks so neat and tidy and clean... is this your house or an art gallery ;)

    I feel like saying "it's been so hot, I painted at the kitchen table with the freezer door open". Can't believe so many of you folks are expecting more snow, while I'm sat here stewing in my own juices!

    Anyway, what a fabulous exhibition! Each different, but in different ways, each connected.

    Stay warm!And incase I didn't tell you already, Happy New Year!

  2. a good way to see the scale of these too---larger than i thought!


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