Monday, January 10, 2011

winter storm

That's my dye studio out there! Even though we are out of practice for getting snowed in, we did a good job yesterday.

A big pot of beef stew got made, Jim went out and bought a couple of bags of sand to throw around on the walkways and I went out with my friend Janice to socialize, make plans, see a film and generally enjoy the day before the storm hit.

Now we'll spend the day looking out the window as all this gets worse. They are promising a day's worth of icy rain and freezing temperatures to continue - let's hope that the power doesn't go out as the trees start breaking down.


  1. I'm sitting home today here in Thomasville, NC because everything is shut down due to the snow, supposed to turn into freezing rain tonight. My "studio" is my garage, it's way too cold out there to get anything fun done today, so I'll have to sew all day. Hope we don't lose power, either!

  2. I'll commensurate with you. Even though the snow dances around us, it is still too cold for me to go in and out. Hangeth in,


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