Thursday, June 02, 2011


Rather than let this one get away from me again ( I found the pieces of cloth rolled in a bundle under the sewing chair) I decided to commit to the basic construction pretty much as it was on the design wall.

My trepidations have been over technique. It happens that all three of the major units of this piece are very old and fragile; a piece of sackcloth from the thirties, an ancient, worn damask table cloth and a strip of percale.

I had to do a little hand repair on one section, nothing could be hidden.
This has made up my mind that all the stitching going forward will be done by hand. Those decisions haven't even been dreamed about yet. I'll have to find a place to hang it up in the bedroom so I can look at it before sleeping.

Of course, some folks notion of art is merely somebody else's idea of a good place to nap or wash one's nether parts undisturbed.


Anonymous said...

i want you to name it nether regions now so badly....and i'd love to read some wonderfully grandiose reasoning behind it after it makes a fiber art show....maybe you could secretly stitch the words catass somewhere on the back..

saying that my mom has a quilt top she started for a guild challenge....white, black and....and our cat chelsea drug her butt across it over and over again....drove my mom nuts...right around the time she finished piecing it chelsea died at 21 and my mom now can't finish the quilt because of the emotional flood it brings back over chelsea we call it chealseas garden. and it is still a wip in my mom's stack.

Deb said...

it's as good a working title as any, lol

Anonymous said...

Love the soft frayed edges and gentle colours on the mended piece.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

it's a piece like THIS from you
that i love like a sister...
beautiful beauty FULL post.