Wednesday, June 08, 2011

moths & moon

The usual value problems are here now but it's real early. I was so charmed and challenged by Grace's  beautiful moth- so simple and elegant yet I had to zoom in to see that it didn't just fly in and rest there.

My efforts to emulate it are clumsy by comparison but I'm happy so far - I want to convey the heat, humidity, the noise -the nighttime teams with life, the party never ends.


  1. graces moth is fantastic isn't it??!! looks like you have a good start on her sister moth.

  2. Anonymous2:47 AM

    That's exactly the right word, it teems with energy. Hot, hectic summer party nights.

  3. it's how it is, this moth night
    of yours...where you are.
    this moth night of mine is desert.
    that's the difference and we
    both have seen and captured it
    i love your night a lot.
    and i realize that i need to find
    out how to highlight the words
    to connect to people's work. yes
    i do. thanks for this deb. and
    yesterday, i had to take the Old
    Cowboy's truck in for it's oil
    change and took the Universe cloth
    to work on while i waited and Paul
    the mechanic came over to see what
    i was doing...asked what is was
    i said well, kinda "the god Thing"
    and he nodded.


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