Tuesday, June 21, 2011

washout day

By now everyone must be familiar with this riot scene - I never tire of it.

Lot's of little things here; embroidered hankies, doilies, bit's and pieces that will all add up to something someday for someone somewhere.

There's that fuggedaboutit blue again!

I'm going to experiment with taking the color down a notch with some of these pieces.


  1. I just came from Jude's audio musing on contemplating why we dye fabric, and whether she wants to dye at all, to your gorgeous,riotous colors, which match what I have always loved in the past. Lately I am finding my desire somewhere in between, to aged and toned down. Not quite eco, but a combination of the styles. Maybe it is my aging, this desire for something quieter and more contemplative.

  2. I'll bet the hummers love to visit your dyed fabrics! What a wonderful riot of color! I dabble in more muted tones occasionally, but still love the vibrant shades best... thanks for sharing your results!


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