Sunday, September 25, 2011

fall dye one

Some of you must be bored with these types of pictures but I never tire of seeing my Mason jars lined up filled with sparkling colors. That whole front row looks like a salute to Sangria. There are another half dozen, three-high stacks of stainless steel containers out of the frame all heating up in the sun this afternoon.

I didn't realize I had so much cloth ready to go. Wash out and further manipulations of color are going to take all week in small doses - I have a crazed work schedule with a lot of early starts coming up. This will be a first for applying the textured colors after the base color  - I normally do it the other way around. We'll see if there's any real difference.


Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Looking GOOD!

Kristin Shields said...

Oh what fun! I do wish I had the outdoor space for this, but have had my own dyeing fun this past week. I'm looking forward to the results!