Monday, September 26, 2011

just a fraction

This is all I have time for this morning. A few were rinsed and little dye was lost...a good sign. Then I realized.why bother? Just lay them out on the work table and let them dry there. Some of these have been treated with clear school glue as a resist in preparation for other processes later on.

I'm letting these have their way with the white sheet that's covering the work surface. I have a stack of them - a cotton poly blend so not much of this excitement will stay when I wash it out.

If I wash it out.

these were suspect in that I was not able to determine if they were going to take the dye or leave it. the white markings are from discharge gel.

I forgot to take off the Grace note but I remember it said "what were they thinking?"

I can't imagine what those three badly stitched XXs were all about...


Cheryl Razmus said...

Oooh, experiments! I'm a little jealous cause I haven't had the time for a dye session this year, and I want to learn about breakdown screen printing. You are inspiring me to get going on it before the weather turns cold.

Els said...

Lovely to see them layed out like this!
Hmmm ... dye fringe !

Nancy said...

Ooooo...the colors and bleeds of pretty!