Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Madam enjoys her cream

Karma turned sixteen this past spring and for a while this summer I feared she wouldn't see another birthday.  Sometimes I wonder if she wasn't just working us, her fans and supporters, with her drama.

Here she is enjoying her morning bowl of half and half out on the dye deck working hard to maintain her svelte 7.5 pounds.  Her coat seems to be coming back in now despite a tail full of nasty jujus that she won't let me groom. How sensible it was to shed 75% of one's fur during the hot summer months. If I had taken her cue, I would have shaved my head.

Over the past few days I have begun to suspect that she may be deaf and blind on her left side.
Still, she does exactly what she wants, whenever she wants to - or you hear about it. We should all be so fortunate.

Here are the mystery mobys turned out of their jars onto the table to drain a bit. Once the sun comes out, I'll hand wash them and see just how much dye will stay. I suspect a lot will flee.


Tammy said...

Oh my Deb, I've heard so much about the deb cloths and the beautiful dyeing you do. So I noticed that you'd been to my blog or it was the source of some viewers not sure how that work but I got the link from my stats. haha. .. anyway .. I guess there are so many people who I'd love to keep up with but there are tons of blogs out there. And so I was looking at your profile and looked up where you live and I was excited to see how close you are to me!!! YEAH!!!! haha .. So i'm going to try to keep track of your site and some day I'd love to come and see your dyeing and beautiful work!!! I'll be back!!!

bj said...

Beautiful, beautiful colors! I check your site every day to see what creative process you're exploring. And I love cats, too.

Nancy said...

We should all eat our breakfasts on top of such a colorful delight! :)