Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a new badge

I had to put on the long pants against the chill today for the first time and was happy to be able to zip up AND be able to breathe! Jim made a practice run of my cornbread recipe last night and I think I ate a pan almost by myself. 

It's rainy and drear and I'd like nothing better than to go back to bed right now but I promised some OT in a few minutes....so stitching and dreaming will have to wait. My little B&W feather break was refreshing - I am back in technicolor mode.

Another great box of white wonder thumped up onto the porch late yesterday afternoon. More about that tomorrow.


Jeannie said...

Yes, some dread bathing suit season, but I dread the "putting on long pants after 4 months of drawstring waisted shorts". Will I be able to zip them? Will I be able to move? Will I be able to breathe? Dug mine out last Friday and I guess I didn't do too badly this summer as they zipped. Yea! Have a beautiful day, Deb.

Anonymous said...

just love your color, textures & design

Nancy said...

Tell us more about the badge!
I'm fitting in things better than I have in a looong time :) yea!

tiedyejudy said...

Me... I've been in elastic waist-band pants for years! That may be my problem... need to do something right after I get back from New Mexico next week! BTW, love the badge, and the B/W feathers!