Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall colors for the dyedeck

OK...the cornbread is in transit and I have a little time to kill so, time enough to make a fresh start, dyewise.

I washed out all my good stock bottles, made my choices and mixed up this set of dye concentrates which will have to take me through 'til spring. This batch will live in the deck fridge after tomorrows dye session. I'm a profligate waster of dye so I'll be more mindful of that for a minute or two.

Some of these are right out of the ProChem can and few are my own concoctions. All well and good on paper, I know. Time will tell.
Kinda sad that I had no golden yellow but hopeful that sun and sunflower together will zip.

I deliberately left out the straight dominates my magpie brain.
And no black...I never get it right anyway so why waste the cloth?



Anonymous said...

get it wrong??


i rather like and embrace the sporadic, unpredictable, sometimes ugly side to it.

i also really rather love your color feels more you keep a constant notebook of all these?

do they change over the years? or are you drawn to more of the same?

so much fun to watch and not do. it's like a sport for me.

Nancy said...

Beautiful colors - makes my heart sing!

Jeannie said...

Yum!!! and no, I didn't mean to post this on the cornbread photo! I love the colors you chose. I always have a hard time mixing up dyes. I want to mix a bottle of all of them, even though I know I won't have time to use them. Just a rainbow kind of mind. Have fun at the bead show and coloring your world!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

LOVE your new colors Deb! That Touq. is perfect for fall and winter. And love the plum!!!!! I'm thinking the sunflower and yellow will make a nice warm mellow fall gold. Can't wait to see some results! ;-D

Deb said...

Serena -No, I don't keep a notebook but at least this time I labeled the bottles! Yes, they do change. As easily amused as I can be, I also get bored so, "new" colors is all about my own entertainment.