Friday, September 16, 2011

september morn

I've been slightly derailed (was I ever railed?) by the sudden change of season - even if it's only temporary,  a flexing day job schedule and overdosed with color.

I was surprised to read that Jude only has 282 feathers to date. I would have thought she's be over feathered by now but I was wrong so I am taking a little black and white eyeball palette cleansing break here before I set to the task of going through the new cloth, taking first picks and then putting things up for adoption and sale.


  1. ha!
    a little break was welcomed. whew!

  2. I love this in it's simplicity. It's beautiful :)

  3. Beautiful feathered circle. I noticed that I am bouncing between squirrel and bear mode. Part of me is scurring around getting fabric dyed, supplies assembled for a cold, snowy winter (if it happens). Then the bear mode kicks in and I want to curl up in a blanket and hibernate until spring. Have a wonderful weekend. (My cheater glasses look similar to yours. ;D)


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