Thursday, September 08, 2011

sleepin' in

It was a blanket night and the chill caused me to sleep until almost 9!  The morning light has established the priority for the morning...stitching.

For the first time in ages (there was dust on the box) I pulled a new card from my Tarot deck - see the sidebar. It was a welcome sign.

Ever since eligibility for social security snuck up me a few months ago I've been in a mental muddle. It's time to take up a serious course of study and bring my brain back around to useful sharpness.


Anonymous said...

cold here too.

bj said...

Cool here in NW Georgia, too. Will we have a Fall this year? 95 degrees down to 60 degrees within a week? Ah, but frost means new tree colors and inspiration galore!

Nancy said...

Times in between take some adjusting to.
Take care.