Tuesday, September 27, 2011

warning - wet spoils

but not spoiled at all. Much more like b00ty but using that in a post will get all kinds of unwanted attention these days.
Rather than waste time and water rinsing these by hand, I decided to just turn them out of the containers this morning right onto the work table like so much dough. NEXT time I use something 100% natural for a table cloth and make sure its ready with soda ash before I get crazy like this again..
The clear glue did not resist the discharge.

A very clear call came this morning regarding the use of these fabrics. I'll be taking a break any further raw material making to see if I can bring the vision around to reality.

and the Moby cloth + vinegar test is finally underway.


Kit said...

Your fabrics look delicious - and want a great idea to turn them out on some PFD cloth! You're so smart! (she said admiringly). :)

arlee said...

saturation! mmmmmmmmmmmmm don't wash the sopcloth either!!!

and my current alginate didn't work either, the bastardy stuff

Deb said...

thanks Kit. forethought would be as welcome as hindsight but I was blinded by the colors, again.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

bring the vision Onnnnnnn!!!!!!

just makes me gasp!

and can also say that i am ecstatic
about a single piece of yours that
i am staring staring staring at...
it's better than sex, Deb. i used
to say that about drawing with
graphite...but, little did i know
what was down the road.

and the Moby(s).....after "wasting"
all that postage weight with it,
i am really wanting it to work for
something. also, am curious if the
sheen will remain if it DOES work...