Sunday, September 25, 2011

perfect fall saturday

What a great time we all had yesterday! Jim and Colin had a spectacular day at the chili cookoff (we are still hoping to get some pictures from somewhere) the camping and cooking logistics came off perfectly, as did the food, but the camera was dead.  Jake and Missy visited the campsite and I'm told all the food was a big hit with the public but the judges missed the boat. Oh well! A good time was had by all and on to next year!

Janice and I went to our first bead show in a long time and I was actually moved to acquire the makings of a pair of earrings that I have been coveting.  These will be an homage to the art of Courtney Laine who creations I have long coveted. She uses real gold, silver, and gems. I will use whatever, spit and chutzpah and find out just how difficult this work is.

We pillaged the Norcross Goodwill library like pirates making off with all the books we could carry and then bought the makings for a great lunch, got it back home and served ourselves...shrimp scampi, linguini, guacamole and sangria. Yeehaa. No room for dessert.

When the sun comes over the yardarm and the ballgame game begins, there will be color and cloth!


Anonymous said...

When I viewed this image as a thumbnail, I thought the cat was pulling wet colours together on a canvas ;). How fun how size alters perceptions.
Stay inspired!

Anonymous said...


those are really pretty. my sister makes jewelry, as well as knitting, but not so much of either since the quest to have a baby started.