Monday, June 18, 2012


I got a lot of stitching done on this one over the last few days. Despite the many layers of cloth, four or five in some places, this one is easy to needle.

The act of stitching itself has been a much needed mental place of refuge - the buzz rarely fails. I've learned to recognize the pitfalls of zoning out while stitching and have had only one or two episodes of having to pick out lengths of "stitching crazies".

 I'm still debating with myself about if and how this one is going to be shaped at the finish. The "skin" shaped linen is one option, with folding and stitching a rectangular shape around the skin and base is another.

I have to set it aside now, dress and get off to the post office. Heads up Felicity, El, Bea and Kara - your packages will be on the plane at Hartsfield by 4:00 pm today (or so they tell me).  The sale will continue until this Friday at midnight. Thanks to everyone who jumped on board early.

Grace, you are right. The usual shelves seem to be bare here as well. It must be my timing. I had no luck in the usual places the other day but have a special stop to make tomorrow.

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