Sunday, June 03, 2012

sunday sunlight work

The sun was strong in the studio early this morning and I stitched through CBS Sunday morning with a little extra attention during the segment on England's Royal School of Needlework .

I have a dozen or so new cloth burritos for the shop that have to be ironed, photographed and posted. There's a celebratory meal to put together - our 35th wedding anniversary is tomorrow!

And maybe the Braves will favor us with a win just for fun.!

Jake and Missy will be by later today on their way home from the Fabulous New York City vacation...there will be more pictures!

This one inspired me to tears and a resolve to go there.

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  1. Oh--thank you for the Royal link and your stitches--all your stitches put me to shame--I can not seem to get going on the stitching--though I love dyeing, and planning, my needles will soon rust if I don't get to them soon. Meanwhile, the best to you and yours for the anniversary of your union. May the sun shine, the braves win, or at least dazzle for the trying, and all be well with you.


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