Friday, June 29, 2012

too hot to dye?

Not too hot for the dye or the cloth but too hot for humans. It's supposed to be 103 degrees out by midday so I spent the early morning just making preparations for tomorrows earliest hours (more triple digits are forecast) .

These are the wet samples that I hastily crammed into mason jars yesterday. The heavy markings are due to the lack of manipulation and a nice variable.

       All these are varying weights of linen and this cloth is FIERCE. My arms are tired from ripping. Most of the larger pieces have been put into the sauce and a few are in a soywax experiment. I'm trying to take advantage of the severe heat by settting a few pieces (with soywax chunks and crumbs folded in) out in the full sun in a black plastic garbage bag. Think it will get hot enough out there? Where are my crayons, now that I think about it....


  1. I'm looking forward to how or if these pieces with stronger contrasting lines and shapes change your work.

  2. I don't know yet myself. I probably only use 5% of what I make, if that!

  3. you're making me want to dye! I'm too busy to dye! I wanna dye! :)

  4. Beautiful fabrics - please send some of the warm weather over to me - I am in Perth, Western Australia and it's the middle of winter here - I am looking forward to mid Spring in October when I can get outside to dye thread skeins :D

  5. I hear you! People always think, gee it is so hot where you live in the summer, you must dye a lot of cloth. Well, if I could dye from midnight til dawn and then let the fabric bake, maybe. ;) We are having the coolest summer ever, so far. It struggles to get to 70. It is usually in the 90's by now. I hope the heat breaks and you are able to play with the cloth.

  6. Gorgeous! I especially love the blue next to the orange... It's been awhile since I crammed fabric into jars to dye... may need to get back to that, 'cause I have a lot of dyes in my fridge right now!


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