Monday, June 11, 2012


We are back from my mom's funeral in New York.

I'm still processing the loss of the person who knew and loved me longest apart from my Dad. A day before the ceremony I was asked to speak a few words at the service. My sisters and brother kept asking me "have you made any notes..what are you going to say?" but I couldn't bring myself to dwell on the task. To do so would have been acknowledging the reason we were gathered and I just didn't want to to do it before it was absolutely necessary.   I was quite overwhelmed with the great number of people who came to pay their respects at a beautiful ceremony, the details pulled together so very well with love by many caring and dedicated friends and family to whom I am so grateful.

We spent the time reconnecting with loved ones and friends,  the place we used to live, and mourning and celebrating Mom's life together. Family, friends, memories, food - doing, I guess, what people do all over the world when they gather on this solemn occasion. There were many tears and much loving laughter.


  1. more gentle hugs - as many as you want, as long as you need them xxx

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I am so very sorry for your loss. ((hugs))
    Stay inspired!

  3. My condolences, Deb. I remember the loss of my mother and I share your grief.

  4. sorry for your loss and thinking of you.

  5. A beautiful spot to remember a beautiful woman. Grief is a mysterious emotion. Know that it will pop up at the oddest times, embrace it and let the emotions flow. Always here with a hug and strong shoulder. xo

  6. It sounds like all who loved her were able to share that love with each other during this time. My experience is (and I have lost many) that while the sorrow lasts for a significant period, the memories are there as long as we have memory at all. I was ten when my mom died, and I still have strong and good memories of the time we had together. May you always remember the good happy times!


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