Thursday, January 03, 2013

fiber apostasy

I felt the need for some retail therapy yesterday. I got some nifty gift cards for Christmas and have waited to pair them up with some 50% coupons. At Michael's I  scored a long coveted set of Derwent Inktense blocks and busied my self seeing just how 'tense the ink was. I opted for the blocks instead of the pencils -why pay for wood?

They are pretty blazing amazing on paper but not worth wasting on cloth..I've dyes for that. Can you tell by the rainbow riot that I'm a little parched for color so deep in the B&W series? I feel a tattoo coming on.

inktense on muslin

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  1. het ho---came over from my blog to say thanks for suggestions...but I'm not willing to destroy the previous blog post for some reason, and the only fix is the tedious one. By the way, a new e-blog just carries the same limit since all are stored at Picasa...Nadia wrote about the detailed process when I hit my limit, and it is how to take each photo and convert the pixels lower...I haven't the focus or the expertise. I've considered a free typepad blog but haven't found out how their pictures work yet. All my photos are in my hard drive and backed up on an external extra hard drive. Ho hum. I've been away so not commenting just reading and I love all your recent posts, especially the New Year one....


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