Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While it was wonderful to see my family, it's so great to be home. 
The chaos of a three generation household with elder illness and mama-baby drama thrown in is exhausting. I give my sibs all props for maintaining relative sanity any way they can.

Travel was thankfully uneventful but I'm not thrilled with Delta being the only choice between ATL and White Plains. On the way up they farted around on the ground 40 minutes past scheduled take off but someone how made up all but 15 minutes of it in the air. I could actually feel the g-forces. Coming back, Delta these winter-clad travelers needed heat on the plane instead of AC. By the time we arrived, envision a herd of steaming buffalos. I guess arriving alive is enough.

There are no pictures today because right after I took the night shots in the previous post, my camera broke when Charlie Brown yanked on his leash and sent it banking off my forehead on hard onto the frozen ground. My brother and I decided since it was already broken, maybe we could take it apart and see what was awry. NOT! Still, it was interesting to see what went on inside that slim little wonder. The other two Canons were waiting at home with dead batteries otherwise I would treat you to the chaos of my studio. Time to get back to work.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. This post made me laugh - esp. the part about the camera 'banking off your forehead'. Ouch! Hope it didn't hurt too much. Hope my finding that funny doesn't offend!

Deb said...

My head didn't hurt at all compared to my heart when I heard how hard that little bugger hit the group and then saw the lens sticking out at an unnatural angle.