Thursday, June 05, 2014

In the Clutch

For those who knew us...this is Wedding, Day Two.  No kidding!
Maybe that's what it really takes to get a good long run.

All the kindness that flowed from all over the world yesterday was deeply appreciated. How does one not celebrate? I even bought myself marked down flowers from the grocery store. Jimmy would have been proud of the deal I got on a dozen perfectly matured roses and a mixed bouquet. I had flowers all the time. I will continue having flowers.

No eye candy today - we at House of Lacativa are officially under the gun with one week to go before welcoming out of town guests. Where is Martha Stewart when you need her?

Since last December it's gone from bad to worse around here. There's no denying that Jim was a pack rat and a collector, Colin remains an outright hoarder and I simply acquire raw materials.  Those are hard things to change overnight, but the delivery of a 12 yard Dumpster the other day will be a big step.

I'll be missing from here until the 15th if I'm smart.

I know that having company is good and partying is even better, but it's HELLA stressful.  I miss my chef and master party planner.


  1. Chef and party planner indeed. Don't stress, it does not fare well for one's soul. Relax and get it done. He is with us everyday watching and laughing (i think mostly laughing) The party will be a success and will go off without a hitch, have no worries mom :)

  2. sending hugs and healing energy your way.
    my mom has been gone over 2 years and i still have things to go thru and toss or find new homes. i take it by spells and when it gets too intense i close things back up and wait until i can do more.
    take care ♥

  3. Hope you enjoy the company as much as you can, and I'm sure they would not want you to stress on their behalf. You can do this!


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