Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Moses and Jake 1986

I've been occupied with so many other things lately. Lost picture books being scanned, preserved. Walking, swimming, writing..anything other than picking up cloth and stitch. Is there an aversion there? I'm thinking maybe. I open the door to the studio and all I can see is the past. Nothing potential calls me.
Big changes? The summer weather? Who knows. It is what it is. No apologies here. Just Life.


  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    ohhh boy,
    I feel you. Totally wanting to shut the door right after opening it. All i could see was failed dreams and half arsed attempts.

    So I cleared out my studio - ruthlessly. It helps wipe away the past.

  2. To everything, there is a season... maybe it's just not cloth season right now for you. I should be out playing in the yard since the weather improved, but it's not calling to me this year. So I do the requisite watering, a little weed whacking, and go back to what is calling to me. I think what you are doing is called grieving and healing, although the latter will be lengthy and may never be complete. Meanwhile, there is a new life waiting to start soon... you will be learning a new role as grandma... lots of joy ahead, I'm thinkin'!


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