Friday, August 22, 2014

holding on to summer

This is how it is now. Each day there are more leaves. I get in and clean for an hour chasing down every speck, even as new ones fall on my head. Dragonflies and bumble bees that are a whole summer's old drown themselves on a regular basis.

It's been in the humid mid 90's for a week with another week of the same promised. There is no other place to be. Even with afternoon thunderstorms that echo on into the night, the water is perfect.

Soon there will be a string of days when it rains hard and the temperature falls in the night and the water will be choked with leaves and branches. I will put on my suit, start down the ladder and be stopped by the cold. Summer's end.

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  1. Ah--perfect descriptive here echoes the one I hear from friends in Massachusetts every year. She wishes to keep the pool open till the last possible moment, while he argues that if he doesn't close it down early enough the leaves threaten to clog and derail the motor...and so it goes.


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