Saturday, September 13, 2014

hand magic

Since my website had its issues last week, I decided to migrate it over here to Blogger.  Let's hope the old name "Like Hotcakes" is prophetic.

That was the easy part. The hard part will be updating the gallery with work newer than 2008. You read right. 2008. So, I have to go back in the archives and find out what I was doing when and hope that I documented stuff properly. It feels like a rainy day task. Like a week of rainy days.

About the magic hand - there have been questions. Once upon a time I had a job that involved spending eight hours a night staring at unchanging data flowing through several monitors.. A sort of "fire watch in Antartica " kind of job.
 I brought in some unauthorized software and taught myself a lot of things in those long hours. Animated GIFS seemed like magic until you learned the tricks.

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  1. Grateful you're back at blogger 'cause I can comment here......the Gallery is super. So much work! And, no doubt there's much more. May you have a fine week with a minimum of gliches and a lot of happy surprise.


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