Friday, September 19, 2014

spoiled (not him, me)

Yep. This it how it went today and I can expect there will be many more days like this  when nothing else will do but loving arms.

He zonked out because we spent the morning finding out what kind of music he likes and he has great taste.
He likes everything from  Springsteen to Chopin with a lot of 50's era jazz.

This one got looped..Ashokan Farewell, by Jay Ungar performed by the Nashville Chamber Orchestra


  1. You are a beautiful Grannie and what a cherub he is. So happy for you.

  2. beautiful ... all three
    you, baby and the music video.
    puts a smile on my face

  3. Nice selfie! grandma-hood suits you! I love those days of lovin' on babes! I had 2 of my 5 here today, long past cuddle days, but the 3 yo did breast feed her 'baby'...

  4. beautiful, all of it

  5. Mmmmmmm great compagnion !

  6. you both look very content

  7. Still Life: New Nana, Teacher.

    look at his body....totally FREE
    and without an iota of tension....
    beautiful to see such a state of

  8. Your both look blissful. And beautiful.


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