Monday, September 08, 2014

the ether and the real world

just breathe with it
There's nothing like a few real world issues to get me to stop fussing about nonsense that goes on here, in the ether.

Sometime over the weekend, nefarious individuals did something invasive and potentially infectious to my website so my host, Dreamhost, disabled it until I could pick the cooties out of the code, which I was able to do. Glad they had my back.

The trouble is, something about the existing structure was changed by the host in this effort and direct access to the old site no longer works.  Talk about an omen!

I taught myself hand coding back when the internet was invented and pretty much finished my education on the subject when I got to where I wanted the site to be. Since then it's been 'patch this' and 'link that' and the code looks like baby swiss.

Times have changed and I'm pretty certain I'm not going to be able to fix it this time. I barely understood the instructions from the techs at DH. A new approach with some new technology is called for and because I have neither the patience or inclination to expand that particular set of gray cells, I'm going to cheat and go the WYSIWYG route.

Is anyone  happy with their super user friendly, build your own thing, website and care to make a recommendation? I took a look at Weebly once and was mowed over at too many options. Simple and Clean are going to be my watchwords here. Oh, and don't forget Free.

Oh! and those real world concerns? The roof is leaking.


  1. everyone has a website, i opted out.

  2. I can't remember if I've said hello or not before, so - hello! I love your blog.

    I have a free weebly site (follow my links if you want to have a look).

    Having used Typepad, Blogger and Wordpress over the years I think Weebly is the easiest platform I have ever used.

    I blog there - and the blogging side does have one or two limitations, but frankly not enough to put me off! I love it and would highly recommend it even though I know your first impression wasn't to your liking.

    I think the thing is, all of the different site options come with a host of choices to be made - maybe you just need to keep looking til you find one that calls your name, if you know what I mean ?!

  3. Ohhh, so messed up- your post appeared in the comments form too, but with long spaces between each line. I have been on the same route as you- leaned coding enough to do my first website (remember geocities???) and I retain only enough to tweak a bit here and there. I'm also on blogger, have never had that big a problem- maybe a new template will do it for you? Free. And pretty much trouble free for me anyway. Sorry I can't help, but I CAN be sympathetic! Poor Deb...

  4. I have a few websites on, with domain names pointing to them. I had my site on for awhile, but it wasn't free, and when I could no longer edit with Front Page, I closed it down and switched to blogger. So if your blog is here, why not a webpage too? Just sayin'...

  5. I have self hosted WordPress. I have had it for years & like it.

  6. I use and haven't had any issues but I don't have multiple platforms as you do.

    Auto correct wants it to be

  7. Websites are important. You can place your work into galleries, it is all in one place and easy for others to find.

    I think that making your own website is very time consuming, but is the way to go. A lot of others are using square space and say it is great. I have thought about that.....



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