Saturday, February 28, 2015

house vs. home

Can you see the house? Barely. That's how I've been thinking about it lately - as little as possible. Instead of seeing it as a home, I've been seeing it as a liability, a money pit.
Since we moved here in '98 it's been a classic case of the shoemaker's children going barefooted. In this case, the carpenter's house getting raggedy. It was always a matter of having either no time to do the work (no chance another contractor be paid to rip us off!) or unpaid time off from work meaning no money to invest in the projects.

My dad was plumber and we had to flush toilet in the spare bath with a bucket of water for years so I understand this mindset completely and it never bothered me especially because Jim really like doing creative, hands on things,  like the pool deck, beautiful built in bookcases and putting a window in my studio so I could  have north light..wonderful things. Not practical things.

Now the list of practical needs has piled up to the point where I look at those "I BUY  UGLY HOUSES" signs and think "I got a peach for ya, buddy".

I've decide that it's my mindset that's ugly and I'm going to have to get real and get creative about putting my house in order.

 Last night, a dear friend almost lost her home to a fire. The building itself was saved, but her beloved pets were not. Why does it take a kick in the gut to wake us up?

There are forms to be filled out, research to do and  lists to be made.


  1. Putting your house in order...a metaphor for...everything. I too have things I need to put in order, boring & not fun things. But I'm starting, although slowly! Good luck Deb.

  2. My dad was very handy, but my hubby is not so I have found a very reliable contractor in our neighborhood. Once a year I have a big (for us) project done by him and his partner... been very satisfied so far. I have trust issues, so once I find someone I trust, they usually have me for a customer for life! Hope you can find someone who can do what you need for an affordable price...

  3. You does seem the greatest lessons learned come with the highest price.

    thoughtful post today


  4. I'm going to suggest asking the local Master Gardener group--they work out of the extension office of a university--to come by and do a "class" on pruning trees. Yours. Won't cost you anything. Or send me a plane ticket and I'll prune everything for you.

    I'm sure both your sons will be ready and able to do some work around the house. And Jimmy had friends you could trust to help out. People never want to "bother" the survivor but still want to help when they can. Ask for help.

  5. Joanne, the funny thing is, that happened first. The trees and hedges were cut back and shaped nicely, but I had no After pictures. The grounds and landscaping are the least of my concerns right now. We have a great yard guy!


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