Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A+ day

"Nothing happens by thinking it through."  Who said that? Some damn hero I'd like to thank, but tonight, it's me.

I got up early, slew two administrative dragons and scratched them off the list. Then spent a total of fours whole hours actually writing.

The kinds of things that you say "Yeah, I got that. This, this and that needs to get yakked about here and more of the same there in order for this whole thing to make any sense.

Just having in my head is not all that useful to the reader. This little boring bits of connective tissue are everywhere. I feel Dr. Frankenstein's pain.

Meanwhile, the dye deck has become jungle lush. Who plants sunflowers and hyacinth vines in deck pots? My jars and steel tubs wait patiently.


  1. the doing, it's a lot like the deck jungle. even simplifying seems a mad endeavor. it's so humid here i think it is time for a bitch alert.

  2. Yes! I felt it coming too, so about 2 in the afternoon I forced myself into a summer dress, put up my hair, drove to a local restaurant and treated myself to lunch. I made the waitress cranky by seating myself outside on the patio despite the heat and humidity. the whole thing cut that "bitch on the rise" off at the knees and I napped the residuals away.

  3. I'm thinking you are feeling better, and love what is coming out via the keyboard! The brain cells seem to be in working order... glad to see the results!

  4. YAY! Doesn't productive feel good?!! Love the jungle look.
    Have a dancin' singin' good day Deb!

  5. i just love you, Deb Lacativa,
    just really really love you


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