Saturday, July 18, 2015

return to color

This has been on the design wall a while now. I think I stuck it up there just so it wouldn't get lost in the flood. I've been studying it  and have decided I'm in love with it again. How does that happen? Poor thing doesn't even have a name yet. It deserves finishing and a name so I'm going to set aside all the fits and starts in the river basket and try to focus on this one, so close to done.

It was built on a piece of polar fleece and will need to be backed and signed. It's pretty large, 30x44 I think. I will hang it on the inside of my bedroom door so I can see it from the bed.


Nancy said...

The last time I was here...I was just thinking how much I liked your banner, this cloth. I think seeing something beautiful from your bed is a fine idea!

Judy Martin said...

I love it too.

A happy healing cloth.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love this piece! The colors, patterns... lots to look at.

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