Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Got health?

I met with a neurologist on Monday. He spent a long time going over all the test results and scans from my hospital stay before coming into the treatment room to actually have a look at me.

A little Yoda kinda guy. Went over all the paperwork with me and then told me he had a hard time connecting all the hard copy with the living person sitting in front of him. A good thing.

He put me through a bunch of hoops, you know, touch your finger to your nose, eyes closed. Tiptoe across the room (?) which must have been a spectacle cause he giggled.  Summation? He wants a repeat of the MRI so he can compare then and now. For some serious stuff going on in the scans, I was looking pretty healthy. No drilling for the moment. As you were.


  1. Hope all is well!!!!

  2. OK you were! I remember those seemingly silly tests from when I used to go to the "Brain Doctor" for my migraines!

  3. Gads... buy 'em books, send 'em to school, and they still can't figure it out? Oy! Glad there were no doomed pronouncements, but still a little unsettling that there are no definitive answers...


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