Wednesday, January 20, 2016

fish mess

Well, the commercial (RIT) dye remover did it's thing. This is pretty much how I remember the cloth. No wonder I dyed it. It's as uninspiring as the pink was garish.

My next move? I'm going to cut out a couple of clumps of fish and overdye them separately. Time for a kitchen table dye fest now that I have heat in the house.

I'm not going to think about the colors until I open the box of dyes, but a strong amber comes to mind. That would hopefully cast golden fish in water as murky and green as my swimming pool is right now.

Snail's pace here.


  1. Well the color might not be inspiring, but I love the fish! That looks like it was created with a wood stamp. Have fun dyeing...

  2. i do like the fish, have fun dyeing!

  3. fish mess
    caught a long ago memory of Smelt fishing with my Uncle...a mess of smelt
    how you cleaned them then slid them into the bubbling hot oil to fry
    such delicate fish, you eat them bone and all forever this piece of cloth will hold that sweet sweet taste
    for me


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