Wednesday, February 03, 2016

not locked up or in Tahiti

But it feels like the first one.

I've been writing critiques for a handful of other writers from a new group that I've joined. You have to give 'em to get 'em, as the saying goes.
My neck hurts, my shoulders are all hunched, there's a crease between my eyes and I have agita. No, not from working at the computer all day. From trying to be civil and instructive at the same time. It's exhausting. You can't just say "This sucks. Stop writing." The Karmic implications are grotesque!  What I really want to do right now is curl up with the river basket and maybe just mend something.  feh.


  1. Oh Deb...this was such a good stop in decompressing from a super stressful day!! What we would do if not for Karma, eh?! lol I so get the "civil and instructive"...and I'll even add mostly kind. Ha. Hope your curling up was good.

  2. Gads... sounds too much like your line of work!

  3. Not reacting on what you write here but looking who is the girl behind the cloth Jude and Grace are talking all the time....i like it al lot.!

  4. I tell my children/grandchildren....if you have to rewrite the book in your head as you read, give it up. Not worth reading.

    My youngest daughter was fortunate to have a teacher that taught her class how to write a story [4th grade i think] She had the kids start easy, say a simple paragraph. And she read every one of those and added a note every week. And the kids rewrote their paragraphs every week...and they became 2 paragraphs...then 3...then...then...and the stories were interesting and colorful and kept you wanting more!


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