Tuesday, February 09, 2016


We had snow showers all day today and the light was unusual. I was in the studio early and sat looking at the design wall for a while wondering what happens to the work when artists die. There are eight or nine pieces nailed up there for lack of better storage and will on my part. Nice and flat they are. What a pain in the butt for the families left behind!

           Yes, for reasons I won't dwell on, I missed both of those deadlines so the pieces that I started in 2012 and finished in 2013 probably they won't seen any exposure at a national show what with restrictions on the age of pieces. Or is that bit of fiber tomfoolery becoming a thing of the past?

         Then the sun broke through and I got this shot of "Consolation" 2012.
 It worked it's charm on me. No one out there has enough money to buy this one.

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  1. Another blogger has a lifetime of journals with pages filled with art. I asked what happens after----she had no idea. Perhaps a mention in her will to burn them. I have maybe ten years of art journals and I often wonder if my children will read them--get to know another side of me. But I think not. My art quilts are given to anyone who says "oh, I love this". No money exchanged.

    I don't want to end my days in this big house with a stack of fiber art in the closet. I keep the ones I love--the others--I send them off. I have often thought the larger works of artists are very overpriced for what they are. Ephemeral. Color fugitive. Fibers ready to "compost". When in doubt I cut them up and use them as very artistic placemats. I love to run my hand over them--while eating breakfast.


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