Tuesday, April 05, 2016


                               Today, just this.


  1. Congratulations ... a well-deserved honor (deities notwithstanding)

  2. Deb, this is just the best news and one that you so richly deserve. It is especially gratifying to me that one of the writers present when you attend the Writers Unboxed Conference will be Barbara O'Neal, one of my favorite authors, Your interview showcases your gift of words and this answer, in particular from your interview, " I don't need to make up wonderful worlds, I lived them" speaks volumes about your life with Jimmy and family. So cheers to you and a toast to you and Jimmy because he is an equal partner in this honor, in the wonderful worlds that you lived together and forever.

  3. Thank you for acknowledging Jimmy.All my art was a direct result of his love and support. I've been feeling his pride all day.


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