Monday, July 11, 2016

this from 2005

The Real Reason Why Kids Refuse To Go To Bed.

I am planning a quilt based on the Truth (as I perceived it) behind a common childhood prayer. You know the one I am talking about... I can clearly remember thinking "If I should WHAT before I wake?? Wait just a minute here...". And then, if you forgot to bless someone you cared about at the end, they would die. How could a kid sleep with that kind of anxiety?? 

My solution to dying or being killed in my sleep was to NOT sleep- willingly, that is. I can remember every single detail of the view from my top bunk and when we moved to the house in the suburbs, I would creep down the hallway and hide under the lace-draped dining room table just behind my parent's field of vision and watch TV until after the Tonight Show. Something about Johnny Carson made me feel safe. And he looked a lot like my Dad. 


handstories said...

Ha...I have a similar memory! Four, mom saying the "prayer" & then trying to calm me down as I panicked at the possibility of death…don't remember her ever saying the poem again. Yours is much better!

Dotti said...

My mother, a good Lutheran lady...prone to rote prayers, also recited this one to me. I just never really 'cottoned' on to the dying part...but then mom and I never did see eye to eye. And now I have lived longer without her than with spite of that icky rote prayer and two bouts with serious cancer.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Lucky me, the line was changed to: "and in the morning when I wake, I ask the Lord what path to take."